Monday, April 11, 2011

Tell Me About It


Welcome to the over spill of the endless thoughts of an ADHD inflicted Nerdy Witchy Woman.

I listen to the screams of small children while I down my iced coffee and lavish in the smell of baked goods as I abuse the free internet gifted by my local Panera Bread.

It is a small gift that I cherish since I lack internet in my small room that this change in life has put me in. I can not complain though, my roommate is a very understanding and open minded woman from India, whom carries a very lively tiny version of herself that torments her and me sometimes in his acrobatics! Jaya is due in June and we all look forward to seeing the little monster. I'll happily post pictures of him when I finally see him.

For this first blog post I will not rant to much about anything specific, I might want to talk about myself, but find that most of that is covered in the labeling that the About Me section demands we write and I went over the main points already. So I will amuse you all with the flow of my mind for only a brief posting.

If you have anything that you want me to talk about, for I enjoy researching and learning, I will gladly post things. I plan to do a bi-weekly Tarot card review of decks, on top of blogging about my latest gundam figures completion and my view on the products I used to make them, my thoughts on various pagan lessons we cover in my open circle (Which is Chalice Circle Jax and starts in May when the location is available), and lastly my insane female rantings that is always a must when it comes to any woman's blog where she can be passive aggressive towards those around her without directly confronting them. :P

That should be it plain and simple!

Any Questions?


  1. I can't wait to read more posts dear. Check out my blog as well.

    I miss you dearly friend, once hubby and me are settled in and have finished the tedious work of recreating a home here in GA You should make a weekend get-away to "Vorpahl Inn & Suites"


  2. I have your blog saved! :P I will come up and visit!